Creating animated gifs

Sometimes you find tools that you would have love to have had earlier. One of those tools is ScreenToGif. It’s an open source and free tool to record your screen, webcam or sketchboard and save it as an animated gif.

I found it because I was looking for a tool like this to create animated gifs for my blog. But now I use it quite often in training materials and manuals. It’s super easy to create an animated gif and embed it in any web page or PowerPoint presentation.

Some of the things to be enthusiastic about:

  • You can snap the tool to the part you want to record. E.g. when I want to record a part of the browser, I simply click and hold the button and drag to the part you want to record. And it has some great intelligence on what part it should snap to.
  • You can easily change the frame rate of the recording
  • It receives regular updates

And you can even run it twice, so I could create this animated gif to show you how to use it:

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