As an Office 365 and Dynamics 365 consultant at Delta-N, I focus on collaboration and CRM. I combine a deep technical knowledge with management and sales experience. With my background I can talk to any person in an organization, from C-level to developer and end-user.

My passion lies in architecting solutions where business can take maximum advantage of Office 365 and it’s collaboration tools combined with CRM. In these solutions I combine functional knowledge to consult, implement and train, with development skills to get the last details right for the customer.

To help out the (Dutch) Dynamics community I founded the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Professionals Netherlands (CEProNL), helped organize Dynamics 365 Saturday Amsterdam, share knowledge and news through blogging and twitter, speak at events (TechDaysNL, eXtreme365, SharePoint Saturday, User Groups, Dynamics 365 Saturday) and help out as moderator on the Dynamics Community Forums.


To build this site I have used:


All posts on this blog are my personal opinion and in no matter represent any of the organisations I am connected to. Throughout time I will adjust my opinions and ideas as I and the world change.

All code samples are provided as is. You may use them however you like, but I take no responsibility whatsoever on when you use this code. Remember to always test your code thoroughly before you use it in production environments.

I do my best to attribute sources to their rightful owner. However, if you feel that I haven’t done a good job on this, please let me know.