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Dutch Dynamics365 / CRM User Group

Working in both the SharePoint and CRM / Dynamics365 products gives you some good insights on how things are done in other products. Especially with regards to updates, tooling and communities. SharePoint has a vibrant community and the community has always been very open and welcoming. Here in The Netherlands we have the very active […]

Using alternate keys with the WebApi

Alternate keys are very powerful feature in Dynamics 365 / CRM. Especially when you are integrating with other systems it’s very helpful to use alternate keys to efficiently retrieve and update records. In this blog post I’ll guide you through creating alternate keys and using them in retrieving, updating and upserting records. Creating an alternate […]

WebApi batch request

The WebApi in Dynamics CRM has the option to send batch requests. This reduces the number of calls from client to server and when e.g. you need to delete a lot of records from JavaScript it saves time processing these deletes. Unfortunately, creating a batch request is not as straight forward as doing a POST […]