profilepic I am a consultant at Delta-N and specialize in Dynamics 365, Office 365 and SharePoint. I like to combine functional consulting and training with development in my projects. I also speak at events like the TechDays in The Netherlands and give presentations on e.g. the HoloLens.

You can find met on Twitter and LinkedIn.


A personal repository with interesting resources that I want to keep for myself for easy access and that I would like to share with you.

Dutch Dynamics 365 / CRM user group

dd365ug We started a Dutch Dynamics 365 / CRM user group to share knowledge and network. I you’re Dutch and reading this, please join us at Meetup.


I try to do my part in the CRM community by helping others on:
The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community
Stack overflow


To build this site I have used:


All posts on this blog are my personal opinion and in no matter represent any of the organisations I am connected to. Throughout time I will adjust my opinions and ideas as I and the world change.

All code samples are provided as is. You may use them however you like, but I take no responsibility whatsoever on when you use this code. Remember to always test your code thoroughly before you use it in production environments.

I do my best to attribute sources to their rightful owner. However, if you feel that I haven’t done a good job on this, please let me know.